One of the criteria for evaluating a writing is the structure that forms the text, after all it is the mark that you produced exactly the required textual type: narration, description or dissertation (not to mention textual genres: letter, report, abstract and others ).

Considering that most of the newsstands require the candidate to produce an argumentative dissertation, we will understand what should be presented in each of the parts of the essay text. Watch:


In introducing the essay text you present the subject, the core idea, by means of an affirmation, definition, quotation, contextualization or problematization. Also insert some guiding indexes (perspectives on the subject) as if it were the “summary” of the text.

See example:

“After the Second World War, the world has undergone many changes, among them is consumerism that has become one of the main characteristics of today’s society, and it is said that the mainstream of this is television media. However, the internet has also been responsible for inciting young people to unnecessary purchases. “

There are three statements that need to be proven, to realize them, imagine that they are direct questions:

1- Why does consumption characterize today’s society?

2 – Why is the television media one of the main responsible for the dissemination of consumption?

3. Why has the internet been responsible for encouraging young people to consume?


In the development of the essay text it is time to make a critical analysis of the central idea indicated in the introduction. To do this, you must return to guideline indices, dedicating a paragraph to each one to expose evidence, examples, historical testimonies and concrete justifications that defend the central idea. That is, we must answer the questions raised, all based on convincing arguments.

Therefore, development is the time to expose your world knowledge, so it is essential to base your ideas with consistent arguments, not only in common knowledge or generalizations, but to say that people consume unbridled “because yes”, and that’s it.


The conclusion of the essay is presented in the last paragraph of the text, in which you summarize the main ideas and (re) state your position on the subject.

It is important to emphasize that in the conclusion new ideas, critical tendentious, neither personal or emotional point of view should not be inserted.

If you divide your text clearly in those three parts that form the structure of the dissertation, surely you will get a maximum score in this criterion!

Remember that writing is not only about exposing ideas, but about exposing ideas with awareness of the path to be followed and the limits to be respected.